Bring Them Back – How To Lure Past Pharmacists Back

More pharmacies and healthcare organizations are rehiring the same pharmacists who left for other jobs. Known as boomerang employees, companies in general have increased the hiring of these people. Figures show, for example, that last year, the number of boomerang hires increased from about 4% to 4.5%.

How can you lure pharmacists who have left your organization back? Here are a few tips:

A Tailored Recruiting Effort

You need to create a recruiting effort that is geared specifically to these employees. That means keeping them informed about career opportunities at your organization and making it easy for them to apply for jobs.

You should set up a portal at your website dedicated just to boomerang employees. On the site, you should have a job search engine that shows them job opportunities that align with their experience, skills, and interests.

Maintaining Contact

You should also stay in touch with these employees through email, social media, and your organization’s LinkedIn page to keep them up to date on current career opportunities at your place.

Encourage managers to stay in touch with their former team members and let them know that they would be welcome back when new opportunities arise. You should also make it easy for these boomerang employees to refer their friends for jobs at your organization through the website portal.

It’s critical that you tailor your recruiting efforts to align with specific groups of former employees. For example, these groups might include pharmacists with a lot of experience, pharmacists who are relatively new to the profession, or pharmacists that are working in some particular specialty.


The kinds of questions you ask these individuals during a job interview will naturally be different from those who have never worked at your organization. For example, you should focus on the skills and experience they’ve gained since they left the company. Why are they coming back to your organization?

You also need to get some idea of why they left the company to begin with. They may have issues with particular pharmacy policies or with particular people, and naturally, you would want to know this.

Review the exit interview that was conducted with this person to see if there are any issues that arose during that meeting that you may want to address at the job interview.

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