4 Quick Tips To Save Time At Your Pharmacy

time management

Are you starting to feel like you’re having trouble keeping up with time management in your pharmacy? It’s time to make some changes! Rx relief breaks down quick tips that will become a game changer for saving time and improving efficiency in your pharmacy.

1. Avoid multitasking

It may seem like you would get more done if you multitask, but actually, the reverse is true– it will slow you down. The fact is that the mind can only focus on one thing at a time, so when you multitask, you’re actually just shifting your attention from one task to another. As you do this, your productivity actually falls off and you are likely to make more mistakes.

2. Have fewer meetings

The issues addressed in a meeting can often be handled by email or phone conversation. Having too many meetings can really cut into productivity, and many people simply feel that meetings keep them from other work.

So, if you must have a meeting, follow these rules– stick to an agenda, have one person run the meeting, participants should be people who only really need to be there, put a time limit on it and stick to it.

3. Make workflow more efficient

There are a number of inefficient workflow patterns that are common to retail pharmacies, and they can really slow productivity. For example, there may be times when one staff member has to wait for another to complete a task before beginning their own, or there may be a lot of unnecessary walking, processing too much information, or bottlenecks that tie up the work.

But there are ways to improve this situation. One way is to try and eliminate unneeded walking by looking at the number of steps people have to take to do their jobs. Another solution is to have staff members work at stations for dispensing drugs, similar to what people do at an auto assembly line. So instead of one person handling the entire prescription process from beginning to end, each staff member has an assigned task in the process.

Another way to save time is to stay with one reliable secondary medication supplier. This way, you won’t waste time browsing through the websites of various suppliers to find the best price for pharmaceuticals.

4. Automate

Take advantage of new technology to automate processes in the pharmacy. For example, you can use dispensing robots to take care of much of your filling, which will enable pharmacy staff to focus more on prescriptions that need to be done by hand.

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