Your 2013 Career Plan

Do you know where you want to take your pharmacy career in 2013?

No? Then no matter how the year ends up, you’ll be happy?

May we suggest that in order to get to where you want to go, that you set some career/professional goals for 2013 and come up with a plan for meeting – or exceeding – them?

A wise woman (Diana Scharf Hunt, a time-management expert) has famously said: “Goals are dreams with deadlines.”

If you have dreams for your career, make a promise to yourself to write them down and then devise a plan to meet them.

This sounds difficult and not much fun, but it can be quite pleasant. After all, we’re talking about your future here.

Continue reading below for some tips on how to make sure you achieve everything you’d like to in 2013.

  • When you come up with goals, make them specific. Why? The more specific you make them, the easier it is for your mind to wrap around your goals to help you achieve them. Make a goal specific: “I want to become pharmacy assistant manager by September 5, 2013.” “I will earn my certification in oncology by June 15, 2013.”
  • You have a better chance of reaching these goals if they’re simple goals. Not that they can’t be challenging to reach, but you need to be able to state them simply: “I want to receive a 10 percent raise this year.”
  • You should be enthusiastic about these goals. They should excite you.
  • Make sure these goals are measurable. Not: “I want a raise,” but the aforementioned “I want a 10 percent raise.”
  • Your goals should be something you can visualize. If you can see, touch or hear your goals, all the better. Imagine seeing that first paycheck with the 10 percent raise. Imagine seeing yourself in the mirror 10 pounds lighter. Hold that oncology certificate in your hand and hear the praise of your friends and family – and supervisor.
  • Write your goals down. Goals not written are just things you’d like to have; they’re not true goals and you have a much smaller chance of meeting them unless they’re written down!

Is one of your 2013 career goals a new job? If you’re a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician, then send your CV/resume to a recruiter at Rx relief®. We can help you find a terrific position with a hospital or pharmacy in cities throughout the country. We look forward to hearing from you!