Year-End Staff Reviews

Most people who become pharmacists do so because they love science and have a great desire to help people.


Did you become a pharmacist so you could give yearly staff reviews? Probably not.


With that in mind, if you’re a new pharmacy manager getting ready to perform reviews with your team members, or if you just don’t feel confident in this role, read below for some tips to help you prepare for annual staff reviews.

  1. If you remember just one thing, remember this: Look at the year-end review as a way to work collaboratively with your staff members to help them become the best they can be. It’s a win-win opportunity for both of you.
  2. Give each of your team members a self-evaluation form about two weeks before you meet with them individually. This will let you see where your team members think they excel and where they think they need improvement (don’t be surprised if they rate themselves harder than you do). Ask your staff members to give the completed form back to you at least two or three days before your meeting.
  3. Be sure you fill out your own evaluation form of the staffer for the meeting, as well.
  4. The evaluation forms can give you and your staff member a good road map for your discussion.
  5. Never “blind side” your staff member with a bad review at your meeting. If your staff member isn’t doing well, you should tell the individual long before the review. Hitting the employee with bad news at the meeting is poor form as a supervisor. An employee should know he or she needs improving before you ever sit down to a meeting.
  6. As you review the employee’s work, look at how he or she has met the job description under which he or she was hired. If the employee’s duties are far different from the description, you should work with the employee to re-write the job description.
  7. Review with the employee how he or she did in meeting goals and objectives (and making needed improvements) from the previous review (if applicable).
  8. Work with your employee to come up with goals and objectives for 2013.
  9. Ask the employee where he or she feels they excel and what he or she would like to improve.
  10. Ask the employee what you can do for him or her in 2013. Would the worker like to get more training? Attend more conferences? Work toward a position in management?
  11. If the employee is looking for a promotion, come up with a plan you both can agree to – with deadlines – which will show that the employee is ready for the promotion.

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