Top Three Podcasts for Pharmacists

Which of the many excellent pharmacy podcasts currently available are among the top five is certainly open to debate? The ones listed below certainly deserve consideration as they are among the leading podcasts about the pharmacy profession.

Locked on Pharmacy Podcast

This production is put together by the American Pharmacists Association. It provides an intimate look at a wide variety of health, public health and health policy subjects from the perspective of the pharmacist. It is hosted by Nancy Alvarez, the past president of the association.

Best Science Medicine Podcast

These podcasts are hosted by a physician and a pharmacist focusing on evidence-based medicine. Their goal is to encourage clinicians to be more informed in their decision making, to share information and emphasize critical thinking skills, as well as being more discerning about the use of medications.

They have produced more than 250 podcasts on a diverse range of subjects related to drugs and disease. Recent topics include “Omega-3 Supplements for Dry Eye: Fishy Evidence or a Big Catch?” and “A Shared Decision is the Only Outcome that Matters in EBP.”

The People’s Pharmacy Podcast

This video is hosted by a pharmacologist and a medical anthropologist. On the podcast, they interview leading health experts on everything from drugs, herbal supplements and home remedies to vitamins. They also discuss issues such as adverse effects, drug interactions and other drug complications.

Recent topics include “Is Cutting Carbs More Important Than Cutting Calories?” and “Are Leaky Blood Vessels a Culprit Behind Alzheimer’s?”

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