September’s Top Pharmacy Job: Outpatient Pharmacy Technician in Seattle, WA

If you have one or two years of recent pharm tech experience and you either live in or would like to move to the Seattle, WA area, take a look at this outpatient pharm tech opportunity.


This full-time position pays $17.00 an hour. You must have bubble-pack experience. You also must have (or be in the process of getting) a clean and activeWashingtonlicense.


As this pharmacy technician, you will:

  • Receive written prescription or refill requests, and you will verify that all information is complete and accurate.
  • Establish/maintain patient profiles, which will include the lists of medications taken by individual patients.
  • Make sure drugs are stored appropriately and securely.
  • Answer phones and respond to patient queries and requests.
  • Pre-pack bulk medicines, fill bottles with prescribed medications, type and affix labels.
  • Mix pharmaceutical preparations according to written prescriptions.
  • Clean and maintain equipment/work areas and sterilize glassware.
  • Receive and store incoming supplies, verify the quantities against invoices, etc.
  • Check for outdated medications within the current inventory and inform supervisors of shortages.


Seattleis known across the country, so we’re not going to waste your time describing it. Instead, here are some facts you may not know aboutSeattle:


  • Seattle was home to the world’s (that’s right, the planet’s) first gas station (1907).
  • The city’sHarborIsland is the largest man-made island in the country.
  • Seattle today is actually built on theSeattle that burned down in the Great Fire of 1889. If you want to tour the underground city, you can.
  • Everyone thinksSeattle is the rainiest city in the country, but it’s actually fourth, behindHouston,Chicago, andNew York City.
  • Seattle is second only to NYC for the number of live music and performances per capita.
  • The city’s Pacific Northwest Ballet enjoys the highest per capita attendance in the nation.
  • Seattle was the first city to have a bicycle police patrol.
  • Seattle also is city that has the most people commuting to work via bicycle.
  • Seattle was the first city in theU.S. to play a Beatle’s song on the radio, yet it also was the first city to pump Muzak into offices and stores.
  • The city is the home of the nation’s first revolving restaurant (1961, atop the Space Needle).
  • Starbucks was founded inSeattle (1971).
  • The Seattle Public Library has the highest percentage of card holders per capita in the country.
  • The city also has the most bookstores per capita in theU.S.
  • Seattle residents buy more sunglasses per capita than any other city in the U.S.

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