3 Mistakes That Can Ruin a Good Pharmacist Interview Opportunity

During the job interview, you naturally want to make the best impression possible and avoid making mistakes. In this article, we will talk about three of the most common interview mistakes people make and how to avoid them.


1) One of the most serious mistakes you can make is not preparing for the interview. If you really want to impress a hiring manager, you should know as much about the healthcare organization as possible. This means doing the research to find out all that you can about the company/hospital/pharmacy – checking news stories and other articles, marketing and advertising materials, and the organization’s annual report.


To really do a good job researching, you should also contact some of the employees at the organization and talk to them about their experience there. You should also try to learn a few things about the person who is interviewing you as well if that is possible.


Doing all of this research should give you some idea of the kinds of problems that the organization is facing and, as part of your preparation, you can also come up with some solutions to these problems and be ready to talk about them at the interview.


2) Another big mistake during the interview is not asking questions. It makes you seem as if you really aren’t that interested in the job. By not asking questions, you are also missing out on a valuable opportunity to learn more about the job and the organization. At the interview, you can ask directly about how managers will measure performance, what they see as the prime responsibilities of the job, and why the job was created, or if it is not a new position, why the previous person left the job. You also have the opportunity to find out more about the organization’s working environment and culture.


3) The third mistake is not doing your best to make a good first impression. Research has shown that, although it may not be fair or accurate, many people form judgments about others within 30 seconds of meeting them. Now, the interviewer’s opinion of you might change during the course of the interview, but if you make a poor first impression, you have made your job that much harder – attempting to change a poor opinion of you rather than reinforcing a good one.


To ensure that you make a good first impression, don’t be late for the interview, be sure to dress properly (professionally), act confident, shake hands firmly, and look the interviewer in the eye.


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