Quality Advice in Ethics for New Pharmacy Grads

Congratulations, you have just finished four years of pharmacy school – you know everything there is to know about the uses, effects and modes of action of all the drugs out there. But don’t forget, the pharmacy profession is about more than just the technical aspects of dealing with medication. It’s about caring for patients and putting their best interests first.

Here is some advice from veteran pharmacists about how to fulfill the duties of your profession in the best way possible.

Take your license seriously.

Don’t do anything that would put it in jeopardy. Keep up with your required continuing education. Behave professionally even when you are not behind the counter or at the hospital.

Remember your mission as a caregiver.

Your number one responsibility is to your patients, period. Do not, under any circumstances, violate your code of ethics or break the law, even if directed to do so by your employer – even if your employment hangs in the balance.

Pharmacists with experience say situations like this are likely to occur at some point in your career, so you need to be prepared to do the right thing.

Get insured.

Even if you are covered by your employer or professional organization, get your own policy. The policy needs to provide coverage for any place you might work or volunteer, and cover you if someone you know decides to take legal action against you because of some advice you gave them over coffee one afternoon.

Be responsible with your money.

During the early years of your career, you may have to live somewhat frugally because you will have student loans to pay off. But once those loans have been retired, you will find yourself earning a lot of money. Be responsible with it. Save it; invest it; don’t spend all of it just because you can.

Treat your assistants with respect.

If you want to see what someone’s character is like, watch how they treat those who are under them or less powerful than they are. And always remember to put patients first. 

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