Pack Your Bags! Tips for Relocating as a Pharmaceutical Candidate

When relocating for a job, you have a lot of things on your to-do list. Where to begin? Here are a few tips.

Take a methodical approach.

Do things in an orderly fashion so you get done what you need to. It is a good idea to make to-do lists so you can keep track of everything. You might also want to prioritize your tasks, so that you get the important stuff done first.

See what your new healthcare employer has to offer.

Many pharmacist employers offer a range of relocation help for new employees, so find out what your new organization can do for you. Some places will cover the cost of your housing search, or pay the cost to ship your automobile, or help sell your home. Some will even help your spouse find work in your new location.

If the employer does not provide any help, ask for it. Negotiate with your recruiter or directly with the pharmacy (talk to your recruiter about this first). To strengthen your case, find out what your moving costs are likely to be and use that to support your request for assistance.

Learn about your new location.

Take the time to find out as much as you can about the city and region you soon will call home. If you can, take a trip there and do some exploring. Talk to the locals. Get some recommendations from them about where to shop or what services to use, and what not to use. Do some research online to learn as much as you can about the area. You should also take the time to explore the housing or rental market at your new location.

Talk to any friends or acquaintances that are familiar with the location.

Don’t make any permanent arrangements.

When you arrive at your new location, be careful at first not to do anything that will lock you in to a situation. For example, if you plan to buy a home, save the house hunting for later, after you’ve rented for a while and know more about the area and where you might like to live. If you rush into something, you might regret it afterward.

Make the effort to meet new people.

Making new friends will help make the transition to your new location much easier. Volunteer or join organizations that match your interests.

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