4 Signs You’re At the Wrong Company

Note the title above: it says “wrong company,” not “wrong career.”

This post assumes you’re happy working as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, but find that you’re unhappy working for this particular employer.

Read below for four signs that a pharmacy or hospital is the wrong place for you to work

  • You just hate going to work. You know that you enjoy working in a pharmacy, but for some reason you dread going to work in this pharmacy or hospital. Additionally, do you just look forward “too much” to quitting time? You may have landed in a place that’s not suited to you.
  • You constantly daydream about working somewhere else.  You may even think that you should change careers. That could be the case (if this is your first position as a pharmacist or pharm tech), but if you’ve worked in other pharmacies before and enjoyed the work, it’s probably not a case of a bad career choice. It’s more than likely a bad corporate fit. So quit daydreaming and look for another position!
  • You feel as if you’re playing a “role” at work. You don’t feel like yourself. You may feel as if you’ve lost your true identity. You feel like an imposter and you’re definitely not engaged at work.
  • You don’t like your boss and/or your co-workers. Every company – and even every department in every company – has its own culture, its own personality.  Wise managers look at candidates not just for their skills but also for signs that they will be a good fit in the company/department. But sometimes terrific people with terrific skills – but who just don’t mesh with other employees – get hired. This usually results in a very unhappy new hire. In fact, most people leave a job not because they can’t do the job, but because their personality is not a good fit for the culture in which they work.

So what can you do if you are working at the wrong company? It may be time to look for another position elsewhere. And to prevent this bad fit from happening again, follow this one basic tip:

  • If you feel uneasy during an interview with your supervisor, your surroundings, the “vibe” of the department or company, heed that unease and consider not taking the job.

Take time to find the right fit. There is a great company/pharmacy/department out there in which you will feel right at home, at which you will enjoy working, and in which you can make a positive impact. Look for that job; not just “any” job.

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