Need to Negotiate Pharmacy Salary, But Are Scared?

Are you hesitant to talk about salary during the job interview? Not a problem. With these ten simple questions, understand what you want, how to ask for it, and how to get it.

Did you prepare?

In order to make the best case for yourself in salary negotiations, you need to have some basic background information about what the job generally pays and what kind of salary range you can expect to hear from the hiring manager.

So you will need to do some research to gather this information. Fortunately, today it’s much easier because of all the resources online. You can check sites like Glassdoor, Facebook, and LinkedIn to gather relevant information.

Do you have a basic idea about the salary?

From your research, you should be able to learn the industry salary levels for type of job you are applying for. This will be able to give you some idea of whether the salary offered by the company or healthcare organization is competitive.

Do you know the salary range at the organization?

Sometimes, it’s possible to check with the human resources department to find the salary range for the position.

Have you kept your current salary under wraps?

You don’t want to divulge what your current pay is because this will lock you in for the salary level. Generally, if you ask for more than 10 percent above your current salary, you may look as if you are being a little too greedy. If the hiring manager asks you directly what your current salary is, try to deflect the question by talking about your achievements in the job and what you can do for the healthcare organization.

Did you give a salary range?

If the hiring manager asks what kind of pay you are expecting, you should give them a range to put yourself in a better negotiating position.

Did you ask the hiring manager about the salary range?

When salary comes up, you can also ask the hiring manager what the range is for the position.

Did you let the hiring manager make the first move?

You should let the hiring manager be the first one to bring up the salary issue. If you bring it up too soon, it may look like money is the only reason you are interested in the job.

Did you focus on your achievements?

When making the case for the salary you want, it helps to remind the hiring manager of your accomplishments and your skills to show why you are worthy of such a salary.

Do you have a baseline figure?

Depending on your situation, you may be more flexible regarding salary and may not have a hard and fast floor as to what you need to earn. But in some cases, there may be a hard minimum that you need to earn in order to meet your expenses, or you may have a hard minimum simply because you believe your performance and experience merit it.

Again, you need to do the calculations necessary to determine such a figure before going into negotiations.

Did you factor in the cost of living

When making your salary calculations, you need to look at things like cost of living, especially if you will be required to make a move.

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