How to Be a Great Pharmacist and Leader: Hint…Positivity

“Always look at the bright side of life,” former Monty Python member Eric Idle sang at the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.


That’s great advice, whether you’re a beloved English comedian, a character in a Python comedy (Life of Brian, in which the song was first sung)….or a pharmacist.


Why? Because being positive will positively get you far.


People love to be around positive people. People love to be led by positive people. If you’re a leader now – or want to become one – be positive!


How can you do this? It’s simple, really: Look for the bright side in what staff members do.


For example, make sure that you recognize when a staff member comes up with a new idea (a new way of doing things, a new way to bring in more business, etc.). Even just remarking how an employee has been getting things done more quickly can bring a smile to someone’s face. Everyone likes, even needs, to be recognized for their hard work. Complimenting your staff members on theirs can go a long way to a positive workplace.


Don’t forget the positive power of small but unexpected gifts or surprises. Why not pay for your team’s lunch once a month? Why not bring a co-worker you know is stressed his or her favorite flavored latte? Or provide your team with free movie tickets, just because?


You also don’t have to just give people gifts willy nilly. Offer a contest, with truly fabulous prizes. Make the goals challenging, but not too challenging. Your team will have fun and those who win the prizes will be positively beaming!


When you do recognize someone for a job well done, make it as personal as possible. Single out those who deserve it. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate recognition ceremony; a simple mention during a team meeting will suffice. If you feel a bigger celebration is in order, by all means, celebrate! Those who go above and beyond in a big way….deserve to be recognized in a big way. That’s why so many companies present prizes to and recognize individuals as “employee of the year.”


What about you? What other small, but positive, things have you seen work with your team?


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