Could Biosimilars Help Trim Costs for Hospitals?

Biosimilar drugs are medications that are similar to existing biologic drugs, which are derived from living organisms. They are designed to be very similar to the original product in terms of safety, efficacy, and quality, but they are produced by a different manufacturer. Biosimilar drugs are helping hospitals cut costs by providing a more affordable alternative to biologic drugs. Here are some ways biosimilar drugs are helping hospitals save money:

  1. Lower cost
    Biosimilar drugs are typically priced at a lower cost than their biologic counterparts, sometimes up to 30 percent less. These cost savings can be significant for hospitals, especially when treating chronic conditions that require ongoing medication.
  2. Increased competition
    The introduction of biosimilar drugs into the market has increased competition among manufacturers of biologic drugs. This competition has led to price reductions for biologic drugs, which can benefit hospitals and patients alike.
  3. Cost-sharing agreements
    Some biosimilar manufacturers offer cost-sharing agreements to hospitals, which can further reduce the cost of these medications. These agreements involve the manufacturer offering the hospital a discounted price for the biosimilar drug in exchange for the hospital agreeing to use the drug exclusively or primarily for a specific period of time.
  4. Improved access
    Biosimilar drugs can improve access to treatment for patients who may not be able to afford biologic drugs. This can lead to better patient outcomes and a reduction in healthcare costs over time.
  5. Reduced waste
    Biosimilar drugs can also help reduce waste in hospitals by providing smaller vials or pre-filled syringes, which can reduce the amount of medication that is discarded due to expiration or contamination.

Biosimilar drugs are helping hospitals cut costs in a variety of ways. Lower costs, increased competition, cost-sharing agreements, improved access, and reduced waste are all contributing factors. As biosimilar drugs continue to gain popularity and acceptance, they are likely to become an increasingly important tool for hospitals seeking to reduce costs while maintaining high-quality patient care.

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