Rx relief® Provides Advice and Opportunity to Help Students and Early Career Professionals Land Clinical Pharmacy Roles

January 30, 2015

Rx relief, a leading pharmacy recruiting and placement firm, is pleased to announce that, despite barriers to entry, pharmacy students and early career professionals can land coveted pharmacy positions in clinical settings.


“Well-defined systems and lower skills requirements make retail pharmacy positions easier to qualify for, but they also increase the competition,” says Carl Franklin, R. PH., Executive Vice President, Rx relief.  “Pharmacists who do land these positions may find themselves working for corporations focused more on profit than patient care.


“While barriers to entry are typically higher for clinical roles, they’re worth pursuing,” continues Franklin. “Competition for these positions is often not as heavy due to residency and experience requirements. Furthermore, working in a health system, long-term care or home infusion setting allows pharmacists to fulfill their calling as care providers, not just prescription-fillers.”


How can job seekers overcome barriers to entry in clinical pharmaceutical positions? Franklin has a number of recommendations. “Ideally, students should begin preparing themselves for patient-care roles while still in school. Specifically, they should groom themselves for sought-after residencies by choosing the right courses, volunteering, networking, becoming active in industry associations, and demonstrating their commitment to adding value to the pharmaceutical profession,” states Franklin.


In addition, Franklin recommends working through Rx relief to enhance career prospects for clinical positions. “As a true career partner, Rx relief is here to provide the interview coaching, resume feedback and career advice recent graduates need to improve their marketability. Serving clients throughout the country, we connect talented professionals with unadvertised opportunities in highly desirable locations, settings and areas of specialization.”


About Rx relief

Rx relief is a Joint Commission Certified and GSA approved pharmacy placement firm.  Rx relief provides temporary and full-time pharmacy professionals for all pharmacy practice settings.  For more detailed information about Rx relief’s pharmacy recruiting and placement services, please visit www.rxrelief.com.


Rx relief’s Mission: Consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most.

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