The Importance of Using a Recruiter That Specializes in Your Field

If you are looking for a temporary work assignment, or something permanent, one of the best options you have in finding work is to use a recruitment agency. There are many different agencies out there, some of a more general variety, handling all sorts of jobs in different industries. And there are those that are more specialized, niche agencies that work in only one area.


So, which do you choose? If you are interested in a particular field, such as the pharmaceutical industry, using a more specialized agency offers benefits others cannot.


What a specialized agency can give you essentially is a store of knowledge – knowledge about the industry as a whole, knowledge about what is available, knowledge about what different medical facilities are like, knowledge of contacts in the industry, knowledge about the particular challenges facing pharmacists, and so on.


A niche agency, especially one that has been in business for a longer time, will have a depth of knowledge about the industry. The niche agency will be able to provide more information about the working environment at different facilities and the reputation of various facilities. Because of this, its recruiters will be able to better match job seekers with particular facilities, making sure there is a good fit.


Specialized agencies also will build up a network of contacts in the industry that a more generalized staffing firm just won’t be able to match. Because of this, the niche agency may even be aware of openings others will not be aware of.


A niche agency will also be aware of the trends in its particular industry, will be able to help you when you apply for positions, and coaching you in what you need to emphasize in your background.


Conversely, medical facilities know that when dealing with niche firms, they are more likely to get better qualified candidates because the staffing agency will do a more thorough check of applicants and know what to look for.


Facilities know that niche agencies, because they are focused in just one industry, will concentrate on providing quality applicants, rather than just filling quotas, which more generalist firms are apt to do.

Niche firms just have a depth and breadth of experience in their industry that will be unmatched by general agencies, and that will benefit the job applicants in their job search.


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