Spring Cleaning: Freshening Up Your Pharmacy Resume

After a long dark winter, sunny spring is a great time to sweep out the cobwebs and get your home looking fresh and clean. The same goes for your pharmacy resume. Take a fresh look to make sure that your resume is updated and compelling.


Remove old irrelevant jobs — maybe those from your pre-pharm days that have nothing to do with your current career. Get rid of unneeded entries like interests or hobbies.


Be sure that you have listed accomplishments rather than duties. Your resume is not a job description. It should demonstrate how you overachieved your goals, not just the requirements of the position. Use action words and quantify anything possible with specific numbers. Add any continuing education you have completed. 

The average hiring manager assesses a resume in 6 seconds. Make your resume easy to skim with bold headings and bullet-pointed entries. Readers will just skip densely written paragraphs, so your message will never come across. 

Treat your resume as a work in progress, not a finished document. When you find a job posting you are interested in, include the same terminology they do, both so it catches the eye of hiring managers and so your resume makes it through any computer screenings.

Now that your resume is updated and ready for your spring job search, you can get out there and find opportunities to take your next career step. If your current pharmacy job search techniques need a little sprucing up, try signing up with a pharmacy staffing service/recruiter like Rx relief®. 

At Rx relief we specialize in finding great job opportunities for pharmacists and pharm techs. Send us your CV/resume today and we’ll contact you to discuss the opportunities we have available.