Pharmacy Career Options: Mail Order Pharmacies

If you’d prefer minimal – if any – face-to-face interaction with pharmacy patients, working in a mail order pharmacy may be the right place for you. You’ll also enjoy a predominately day-shift working schedule (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Monday through Friday since the mail order firm doesn’t need to be available to patients 24/7.


Mail order pharmacies are an extremely fast growing provider of prescriptions to insured patients in the U.S.


You’ll need to have the same qualifications and licenses as any other pharmacist or pharmacy technician. You should have at least two years of recent experience in clinical, retail or VA pharmacy settings. You also should be competent in data entry and computer operation.


If a pharmacist, you should have a bachelor of science in pharmacy (BS pharmacy degree) or the PharmD degree. You’ll need to be fully licensed as a practicing pharmacist in the state in which you are working (even though you’ll be dispensing medicines to people throughout the U.S.).


You’ll need to have exceptional attention to detail and have great oral and written communication skills. You’ll also need to have comprehensive knowledge of drug interactions, allergic reactions, drug treatments, interventions, and compound medicines.


Pharmacy technicians working in mail order pharmacies usually act as customer service representatives as they enter prescription information into the pharmacy’s database. Pharm techs working in mail order pharmacies also need to have great oral and written communication skills and need to be able to enter data quickly and accurately into the database.


As for salaries, reports that the average salary for a pharmacist working in a mail order environment s $113,000 a year, while the average salary for a mail order pharmacy technician is $30,000.


If you’re a pharmacist or pharm tech interested in exploring opportunities in mail order pharmacies, send your resume/CV to the recruiters at Rx relief®. We look forward to hearing from you.