How to Create an Authentic Relationship with Coworkers

It goes without saying that having a good relationship with your coworkers is important. It is important for a good and enjoyable working environment as well as a productive one.


What can you do to foster such relationships? There are several ways.


The first way is to tend to your own attitude. To foster an upbeat atmosphere at work, you need to have an upbeat, optimistic attitude. People who constantly complain or whine are not the type of people who make a lot of friends at work.


Another way of creating good relationships is by listening. That means really listening to what coworkers have to say, not simply waiting until they are finished so you can talk. You need to pay attention to their words, and ask questions. Look them in the eye and focus on them when they are talking.


Another thing to do is take an interest in them as people. Are they married? Do they have children? What are their hobbies?


Be generous. Share information with coworkers, as well as sharing credit for good work done. Give your time and expertise to help others at work.


Another way to create good relationships is to be mindful of coworkers’ time, and not waste it. When you communicate with them, get to the point. Before you communicate with them, think about what information they need and how you can give it to them as simply, clearly, and directly as possible. Before you talk with someone, the courteous thing to do is first ask if he or she has time to talk, rather than just barging ahead.


This sharing of information applies especially if you are working with a team. Keep your team members up to date about what is going on, what they need to get done and what deadlines they have to meet.


And finally, be generous with praise when others do a good job. Let them know how much you appreciate their efforts and their good work. 


All of these are little things that can go a long way toward creating a more caring and friendly work environment.


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