Do You Have Adequate Pharmacy Staffing Coverage This Summer?

Ensuring adequate pharmacy staffing during the summer months requires careful planning and steps to meet increased demand and handle potential staffing challenges. Here are some strategies to help you maintain staffing levels:

Forecast Staffing Needs

Analyze historical data to anticipate fluctuations in demand during the summer months. Consider factors such as increased prescriptions due to vacations, seasonal illnesses, and changes in patient demographics. Use this information to estimate staffing requirements and plan.

Flexible Scheduling

Create flexible scheduling options to accommodate staff vacations and time off during the summer. Offer incentives for employees who are willing to work during peak periods or on weekends. Consider rotating shifts or part-time schedules to ensure coverage throughout the day.


Cross-train pharmacy staff to perform a variety of tasks within the pharmacy. This flexibility allows you to redistribute workload more efficiently during peak times or when specific staff members are unavailable. Cross-training also enhances employee skills and morale by providing opportunities for professional development.

Temporary Staffing Solutions

Explore temporary staffing solutions such as hiring seasonal workers or using agency staff to fill gaps in coverage. Temporary employees can provide additional support during busy periods without the long-term commitment of hiring permanent staff. Ensure proper training and supervision for temporary staff to maintain quality and safety standards.

Use Technology

Pharmacy automation and digital solutions can also help by streamlining workflow and improving staff efficiency. Automated dispensing systems, electronic prescribing, and inventory management software can help reduce manual tasks and free up staff time for patient care activities. Invest in training to ensure staff are proficient in using technology effectively.

Communication and Collaboration

Encourage open communication and collaboration among pharmacy staff to address staffing challenges. Encourage team members to communicate their availability, preferences, and concerns regarding scheduling. Establish regular meetings to discuss staffing issues, share best practices, and brainstorm solutions as a team.

Plan for Contingencies

Develop contingency plans for unexpected staffing shortages or emergencies. Maintain a list of qualified per diem or on-call staff who can be called upon to fill in at short notice. Cross-train key personnel to handle critical tasks in the event of absences or emergencies.

Monitor and Adjust

Continuously monitor staffing levels and performance to identify trends and areas for improvement. Get feedback from pharmacy staff and patients to assess service quality and identify opportunities for improvement. Adjust staffing plans as needed.

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