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Does Your Pharmacy Satisfaction Rating Stand up to the Competition?

Posted in Pharmacy Industry News

A recent survey of pharmacy customers has revealed that most people are very satisfied with the service they receive from their pharmacy and plan to continue using the same store...
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Top Job: Long-Term Care Pharmacist Needed in Dallas

Posted in Top Pharmacist Jobs

If you are a pharmacist with experience in long-term care, Rx relief® has an opening that might be right for you in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. In this job,...
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The Dangers of Purchasing Prescription Drugs from Another Country

Posted in Pharmacy Management Tips, Pharmacy Industry News

With the high cost of drugs in the United States, many patients buy their drugs from other countries because the prices are lower. But patients need to be careful, because...
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Counseling Patients Who Are Considering Alternative Therapies

Posted in Pharmacy Industry News, Pharmacy Leadership Tips

Complementary and alternative therapies are used by many people today. Millions of people, for example, use dietary supplements and herbal remedies. Because pharmacists deal with patients on a daily basis,...
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Handling Requests for Generics or Lower-Cost Medications

Posted in Pharmacy Management Tips

It is a situation that pharmacists see on a routine basis – patients asking for generic drugs or some other less expensive alternative to the name brand drug their physician...
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Growth of Specialty Pharmacy

Posted in Pharmacy Industry News

The use of specialty drugs is growing rapidly in the United States, creating the need for new strategies and methods in paying for these drugs as well as administering them...
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Did You Pay a Penalty to the IRS for not Having Health Insurance?

Posted in Pharmacy Career Tips

To encourage people to sign up for healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act, the law includes the stipulation that those who can afford coverage but do not sign up...
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Are Your Patients Altering Medication Because of Cost?

Posted in Patient Education

The cost of drugs has gone up rapidly in the United States. Even generic drug prices are climbing significantly. As a result, more patients are experiencing difficulty affording the medication...
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Pharmacy Top Job for March: Certified Pharm Tech Needed in Avon Lake, OH

Posted in Top Pharmacy Tech Jobs

If you have at least two years of recent experience as a pharmacy technician (preferably in a high-volume pharmacy setting), take a look at March’s top job: a Pharmacy Technician...
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Dealing with Increased Patient Anxiety of Infectious Diseases

Posted in Pharmacy Industry News

Infectious disease has been in the news a good deal lately. It captured headlines for an extended time with the Ebola virus scare. In addition, the Center for Disease Control...
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