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Tips for Building Strong and Loyal Patient Relationships

Posted in Pharmacy Leadership Tips

Many pharmacists believe that building good relationships with patients should be their top priority. It takes some time and effort, but it is worth it. The recipe for building good...
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Counseling Patients Who Are Considering Alternative Therapies

Posted in Pharmacy Industry News, Pharmacy Leadership Tips

Complementary and alternative therapies are used by many people today. Millions of people, for example, use dietary supplements and herbal remedies. Because pharmacists deal with patients on a daily basis,...
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Hospitals Don't Miss Codeine After It's Gone

Posted in Pharmacy Management Tips

The FDA in 2012 started requiring that all pharmacy products containing codeine become boxed and labeled regarding its contraindications in some children in order to discourage the use of these...
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Counseling Patients on Their Diabetes Medication

Posted in Pharmacy Management Tips, Patient Education

In this article, Rx relief® offers tips on how to counsel your patients on their diabetes medication.
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