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What Are They Waiting to Hear?

Posted in Pharmacy Career Tips

When you interview for a pharmacist or pharmacy technician position, your interviewer is likely to ask you at least five questions. You should have answers well prepared for these questions...
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5 Tips for Interviewing Pharmacy Staff

Posted in Pharmacy Management Tips, Pharmacy Recruiting

When it comes to hiring pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other pharmacy staff members, perhaps the first thing a hiring manager should keep in mind is this: These professionals will be...
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Top Job: Retail Staff Pharmacist in Oklahoma City, OK

Posted in Top Pharmacist Jobs

If you like variety; if you need a bit more flexibility in the number of days you work each week, a national retail pharmacy with several locations in Oklahoma City,...
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New Guidelines to Simplify Hypertension Treatment

Posted in Pharmacy Management Tips

The American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists reported in February that a group appointed by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the Eighth Joint National Committee (JNC 8), released its...
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The Benefits of Hiring Per Diem Pharmacy Staff

Posted in Pharmacy Recruiting

Taking on full-time employees is not inexpensive. If your pharmacy is busy for several weeks and you hire another pharmacist or pharm tech, what do you do with the person(s) when the work load no longer warrants it? Laying off is expensive – you need to pay unemployment insurance. And then you’ll have to go through the costly and time-consuming hiring process all over again when the work load again increases.
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Recognizing Methamphetamine Abuse at the Pharmacy Counter

Posted in Pharmacy Management Tips, Pharmacy Industry News

Five percent of the U.S. population is believed have used methamphetamine at some point in their lives, according to the Pharmacist’s Letter (June 2013). This means there’s a good chance...
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